Imagine SFU’s Burnaby campus in 2065

July 10, 2018

天天彩选四最新走势图 Get involved in shaping the future look of SFU’s Burnaby campus.

Over the next year, www.7wqcl.cnmpus Planning & Development is undertaking a process to create the SFU Burnaby 2065 Campus Master Plan. This long-range comprehensive plan will provide a new vision and planning framework to guide the campus’s physical evolution and support SFU’s goals of creating a sustainable, world-class, academic and community experience through a connected and vibrant campus.

We are inviting SFU community members to complete an interactive survey, available July 9-Aug. 3 online, and through street teams, that asks questions about your experience at the Burnaby campus. Using the map-based platform, you can virtually travel around campus, drawing routes and making comments directly on a virtual campus map by noting where you go, what places you enjoy and what physical aspects need improvement.

“The survey is a tool for us to understand how people move about and experience the campus” says Elizabeth Starr, campus planner and project manager of the SFU Burnaby 2065 Master Plan. “From this survey, we hope to have a better understanding of where investments could be made to improve the physical campus over time."

Starr adds, “The reality is that campuses are much more than what they were 50 years ago, when they were purely institutions of higher learning. Now they are also communities, community partners, and destinations.”

The survey takes approximately 10-15 minutes to complete and participants are eligible to win an iPad Mini 4. Survey: 

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