SFU alumnus pens uplifting anthem for Nigeria's World Cup team

June 28, 2018

天天彩选四最新走势图 The Nigerian national soccer team not only has one of the most talked about kits in the FIFA World Cup, they also have an uplifting anthem penned by SFU alumnus and Canadian-Nigerian artist Kayode Fatoba.

He created the song, Stand As One, to help get the Super Eagles soaring in Russia during the FIFA World Cup.

Initially, Kayode thought he would just upload the song to Sound Cloud, but was encouraged by those that heard it to share it wider. The song has since been licensed for use by a sport media company that represents the team during Word Cup sports commentary. To date, it’s had more than 134,000 plays on YouTube and was even mentioned by BBC World News.

Kayode dedicated Stand As One to former SFU Clan Soccer coach–and SFU alumnus–Alan Koch who he refers to as being a “game changer” during a very challenging time he had as a student. Koch reached out and encouraged him to take time off of school and connect with friends, which ended up being “one of the best things I have ever done,” Kayode said.

As a student at SFU, Kayode founded the African Students Association, served as an SFU student senator, and as vice-president of the Simon Fraser Student Society. In 2015, he co-founded Skynation, a digital management company, which received a “Best Emerging Entrepreneur” accolade at the Small Business BC Awards in 2016. He graduated from SFU in 2016 with a BA in Health Science.

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