Learning support

天天彩选四最新走势图 www.7wqcl.cn Sometimes you need a little help along the way. SFU has a range of services and programs to support student success.

General learning support

Student Learning Commons

Improve academic writing, communication, and study skills through free workshops, one-on-one consultations, and online resources. 

Research Commons

Research and writing support for graduate and honours students via workshops, consultations, and other services.

New student orientation

Start strong: sign up for campus orientation.

Health and Counselling Services

Stay strong: foster mental, physical and emotional health.


Study strong: SFU libraries offer research help, study space and computer labs, as well as access to books, journals, course readings and other multi-media resources.

Program-specific learning support

Academics First Program

Academic support for varsity student-athletes.

Back on Track Program

Struggling with your GPA? Get back on track.

Beedie Writing Mentors

Critical writing skills for business students.

Centre for Students with Disabilities

Talk to a Learning Specialist for support with a documented or suspected disability.

IELTS preparation

Confidence-building prep programs for International English Language Testing System candidates.

Indigenous Student Centre

Support for self-identified First Nations, Inuit, and Metis students.

School of Interactive Arts and Technology

Curriculum-specific support to School of Interactive Arts and Technology students.

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