Leadership + development

天天彩选四最新走势图 www.7wqcl.cn Grow personally and professionally with leadership and development programs for students, faculty and staff.

Professional development for instructors

Teaching and Learning Centre

A training resource for SFU instructors, staff, teaching assistants and tutor-markers.

Instructional skills workshops

Intensive skills development for instructors of all levels.


A day-long workshop focusing on essential skills for teaching assistants or tutor-markers.

Symposium on Teaching and Learning

An annual meeting of SFU educators aimed at enhancing the student learning experience.

International Teaching Assistant Program

A graduate seminar for teaching assistants and graduate students who speak English as an additional language.

Certificate Program in University Teaching and Learning for Graduate Students

A four-month program to develop the skills and confidence of aspiring teaching assistants.

Career development for students

Beedie School of Business: Career Management Centre 

Career advising for business students and alumni.

Career Services

A one-stop resource centre open to all SFU students.

Classroom to Career

A day-long workshop for students and recent grads to ensure a successful transition from campus to career life.

Leadership opportunities for students

Semester in Dialogue

This intensive learning experience focuses on public issues to inspire civic responsibility and engagement.

Campus clubs

Build community and engage with students who share your passions.

The Change Lab

An interdisciplinary, experiential, cohort-based class committed to creating sustainable solutions on campus.

Healthy Campus Initiative

Help create a healthier campus community.

Personal and professional development

Discover student leadership opportunities on and off campus.

Volunteer SFU

Build your network and develop career skills and connections.

Surrey Student Ambassadors

Get involved on the Surrey campus.

Student government and associations

Learn more about the Simon Fraser Student Society.

Mentoring opportunities for students

Beedie Writing Mentors

Aimed at undergraduate business students, this program helps develop strong critical writing skills.

Indigenous Student Centre

The centre supports self-identified First Nations, Inuit, and Metis students. 

Orientation leaders

Share your enthusiasm for SFU with new students during the Week of Welcome and beyond.

Peer Educator Programs

Become a peer educator and help fellow students flourish.

Friends of Simon

Help K-12 newcomers develop literacy skills.

Professional development for staff

Human Resources professional development opportunities

Advance your career with these year-round skill-building sessions for SFU employees.

See Work + learn for opportunities to gain practical work experience while you study.

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